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Rent an electric bicyle now and explore Svaneti!

The best ways to explore Svaneti region is by renting an electric bicycle. You can cover more ground and visit some of the most beautiful places that are otherwise inaccessible by car or on foot. You can start your journey from the town of Mestia and visit nearby villages and explore the moutains.

About us

We are located in Mestia, Georgia

We are located in the center of Mestia, Georgia, near the bus station. It is a perfect spot for you to take on a journey and explore the region on two wheels.

Meet the green machine that is taking the world by storm.

Electric bicycles are not just practical, they are eco-friendly too. The world is going green, and electric bikes are leading the charge. Join the movement and learn how you can reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying a fun ride.

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Our way to Explore Svaneti

German Hardtail

More info about bike soon

140 GEL / day


More info about bike soon

200 GEL / day

Best Routes

Check out the best bike routes in the region and hit the trail! 14+ suggestions to start your trip directly from Mestia.

Our fleet

Electric Bicycle Rental options



You can rent our e-bikes for just few hours, if you want to test the vehicles or are just want to take a short trip near Mestia.


Full Days

Our standard rental rate for eletric bicycles is per day. You can rent the bike starting from 7:00 AM and return it next day.


Week or longer

Longer stay in Svaneti? Let us know, what can we do for you and rent an e-bike for trips. Just remember to stay charged and hydrated!

Give as a call, message through WhatsApp or use our contact form!

Why us

The best experience in Svaneti region

Exploring Svaneti by e-bicycle is a unique and exhilarating experience. The region's stunning mountain scenery and traditional architecture make it an ideal place for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. Along the way, cyclists will encounter several charming villages, each with its own distinct character and history.


Svaneti boasts stunning nature with towering peaks, forests, rivers, and wildflower meadows.


In northwestern Georgia, the mountains are a breathtaking range of peaks and valleys.


Svaneti architecture features stone towers, fortified houses, and decorative facades.


Bike for exciting challenges and breathtaking views. All experience levels are welcome.

Rent your electric bike right now!

Electric bicycles with full-suspension provide a more comfortable and smoother ride on rough terrain and bumpy roads. Renting from us ensures that you have access to high-quality, well-maintained electric bikes, enabling you to explore scenic routes, directly form Mestia, without the worry of bike maintenance.

what our customers say
E-Bikes are in good condition, The Explore Svaneti team can offer really great Mountain bike tours or great e-bike roads. Great people with great knowledge about their products and routes available for cycling.

Bike were superb!

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Queen Tamara St. 4, Mestia, Georgia.
(near central Bus Station)

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